Sunday, May 12

Facebook charging for messages: the old mail way is back

Only today I sent a message to a friend of mine that I found at Facebook and came across with the possibility of paying R$ 0,59 so that the message should be sent to my friend's inbox.

I didn't pay not only because it sounds crazy for me but also because I do not use money at the internet.
A quick search led me to some interesting reactions being one of them:
"I, for one, think that $100 to get Zuck to read one of my messages is a bargain. "
This is from Rocky Agrawal's post. I left two comments:

Ana Luiza 8 minutes ago
The author thinks that if he pays celebrities will read his messages.
I don't know if he is naive or... dunno.
And the second:

Ana Luiza • 11 minutes ago −
I payed $ 100,00 to send a message to Bill Gates and he didn't answer me.
This is outrageous! If one pays for the message the recipient should be obliged to answer.
"Thank you for your message."
That would do.
What makes me sad is that I was going to send "Happy Mother's Days" greetings to numerous mons that are not on my friends list.
It would cost me a fortune!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and MERRY CHRISTMAS (it's just around the corner and if we send both at Facebook it would save us some money. Maybe we should create a kind of "greeting-all-dates special message. Valentines day, profession day, children day, new year's eve... everything under the same message.)
What about using the mail again? It would be great receiving cards and letters we can hold in our hands.
Quite revolutionary.

I remember reading "It is free and always will be." somewhere. I cannot recall where was that.

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