Saturday, May 11

Winter in Pakistan and Leading US Companies in the country

Snow fall in Valley Kalaams, Pakistan.What do you know about Pakistanis?
English and Urdu are the official languagse so it's very easy to talk to them since many start learning at a very early age.
Of course the middle class has more access to schools that teach English.
I spoke to some Pakistanis over the internet and they are very bright. Most of those I knew were under thirty years-old.

They dream about having a good job in a multinational company.

Leading US Companies in Pakistan

Abbott Laboratories

AES Pakistan

American Consultants

American President Lines

Bank of America

Brink's Pakistan

Caltex Oil Pakistan

Captain-PQ Chemical Industries

Carrier Service Company


The Coca-Cola Export Corporation

Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan


Crescent Greenwood

Cyanamid Pakistan

Dawood Hercules Chemicals

DHL Pakistan

DuPont Far East Inc.

Eli Lilly Scientific Office

First International Investment Bank

The General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan

Gillette Pakistan

IBM Semea

Intel Pakistan

International Laboratories

Johnson & Johnson Pakistan

Karachi International Container Terminal

Karam Ceramics



Merck Sharp & Dohme Pakistan

Morgan Stanley Pakistan Investment Fund

Muller & Phipps Pakistan

New Hampshire Insurance Company

Occidental Pakistan

Pakistan Mobile Communications

Parke, Davis & Company

Pepsi-Cola Pakistan

Pfizer Laboratories

Pizza Hut

Premier Tobacco Industries

Procter & Gamble Pakistan

Rafhan Maize Products Company

Sheraton Middle East Management Corp.

Singer Pakistan

Smith Kline Becham Pakistan

Squibb Pakistan

3M Pakistan

Union Texas Pakistan

Upjohn Pakistan,

Surprised?  Money, it is all about money.

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