Tuesday, May 14

Aww! Yorkshire's puppies: how to teach a puppy to respect older dog

I still didn't had time to take a nice picture of my puppy and the older but he looks like the first one on the right.
If you did read the other two posts about my puppy you know I'm teaching the puppy. I had noticed that my older dog was asking for my intervention to stop the puppy to approach her in the childish way.
Yesterday I did read that, yes, it is the human who has to teach the dog. 

Today she has gone back to her favorite place at the kitchen and the puppy understands "NO!".
Since he arrived with forty five days things are not as hard as I thought.

My older dog is fifteen years-old and she is very healthy thou she has cancer. She is asymptomatic now and she only had a surgery in 2008 to remove the right mammals and another one in 2011 to remove a tumor on her head.

I didn't want any treatment because I've seen many people and dogs get worse or die do these interventions.

Of course the puppy is here because I fear so much losing her that I wanted to have a dog who had any kind of connection to her and learned a little from her wisdom.

Things are fine now and I'm happy now. I was regretting having bring the puppy because things were not fine  but now I know what I have to do.

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