Tuesday, November 15

Duerme negrito: Mercedes Sosa speaks to your soul

"Duerme, Duerme negrito..."
I will not put the whole lyrics in Spanish of this lullaby because Mercedes Sosa has the talent of speaking to our souls when she sings even not understanding the words.
Duerme negrito means "sleep little black boy" and some people has the recollection of their mothers singing this song for them. Mercedes smiles beautifully and showing tenderness every time she says "negrito".
When she finishes singing she says she is going to sing a very sad song called "Ay , este azul" by Pancho Cabral and she says:
"Neruda loved this color as Picasso in his blue phase. I love this color because for me the color of happiness is blue."
You can listen this song here.
Mercedes Sosa fought Argentine dictatorship with her voice but her music was never pamphlets and the high quality of her music will last forever.
At a concert in La Plata in 1979, Sosa was searched and arrested on stage, along with the attending crowd. Their release came about through international intervention. Banned in her own country, she moved to Paris and then to Madrid. Her second husband died in 1978.


Balqis said...

A very nice song. Though I don't understand the language, I love it! :)

Missy said...

I like the way she sounds.

It's a shame the things people have to suffer in order to have a voice in this world.