Sunday, November 13

Police occupies Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro to show the city is ready for the games

Today a demonstration and propaganda is at the media to assure the world that Rio de Janeiro is ready to host soccer's World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.

Corporations and all of those who will profit from the two events can be at peace but the traffic has changed to other places of the town and it is also everywhere at the city since illegal-drugs are the fifth global source of profits for the richest people of Brazil and of other countries.
The drug-dealers that are in prison and are at the poor part of the cities have a short life and no time to enjoy what they fight.

Everything keeps the same: police and death squads keep killing and illegal-drugs are available in every corner of the town because some middle-class areas have drug-dealers.
What happened today, that is being reported as the "pacification of Rocinha", will last and maybe it will change the slum for it's population is huge.

But nothing changed. Children are still hungry and inhale glue or other cheap drugs to easy the pain.
The makeover is done. Have a nice stay at Rio de Janeiro.
Just make sure not to go to Universities where the police is occupying all campi allegedly to prevent drug-dealing but, inexplicable, is harassing students and teachers that started strikes to fight police occupation.

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