Saturday, November 26

Keep it fresh to please Google algorithms

Worried about number of hits, links and Google algorithms...
I just found this tip from Kevin Ryan but... NO!
I publish without having any idea if it will make more numbers or not.
I don't understand how this blog got some unexpected number results and have no idea what topic my next post will approach.
I'm terrible with numbers and the only relation I have with marketing is hating advertisements especially when watching something I like at the TV.
The thing became so insane lately that I'm not watching some channels anymore.
Unfortunately one of them is the channel of "The Big Bang Theory": five minutes of advertisements. Can you believe that? I blocked the channel. Advertisements make so much noise that if you don't pay attention you can start getting irritated without knowing the reason.
I muted the TV once and people calmed down.
I digressed. The post is about pleasing Google and this is the tip:

"It's not about freshness as much as it is the appearance of freshness. One of the core goals of search results has always been to provide timely information but not even Google's founders could have predicted the insanely high frequency that would be required to keep it "fresh.""
I laughed a lot when read it because I cannot stand the numerous times they publish, broadcast or analyze the same news, picture or event with this "fresh" artifice. For me it doesn't work. But it seems to work for the vast majority.
Open some mainstream media sites and the lesson is everywhere.
Funny that I fount the paragraph Kevin Ryan wrote in another site copied and pasted the next day of Kevin's post. The author didn't learn how to make it fresh.
Keep it fresh and stupid. If someone or a group of people works to be on the top of the pages using this rule we are in a very bad situation.
I believe it is not only algorithms that matters. Mainstream media first and the rest... well I really have no idea how they choose but if the way Google deals with these algorithms needs 500 changes a year it seems that other issues are behind these numbers.
I'm guessing. I really don't know anything and I'll check now what "algorithms" really are.
But remember: Keep is fresh!
If you're asking why I end up writing about it: I was searching for what happened to a directory and came across with Kevin's post. When I read the paragraph I quoted I felt like doing it.
I hope Google take into consideration that I'm doing a post about the algorithms in a very fresh way. It will be on top!

Scroll-down this post a little slowly with your eyes in the picture and you'll see it rolling. Just found it out.
How fresh it is!?


cookingvarieties said...

Hi Ana, as for me, the only “algorithm” thingy that I experience and am aware of with googles is the word “nusantara” , which is already synonymous and linked to my blog name “cooking varieties”,
( as such I use this name for my second blog) - robotics response gives me very good listings- ha ha.

Ana said...

I didn't know yo have another blog.
I'll visit it. :)

Missy said...

I keep mine from being crawled. There's only a few that I like to have reading my things since I get so personal. Friends of friends is fine though.