Saturday, November 5

I need a real acoustic guitar

Doll play guitar
I asked for encouragement
here to keep playing the guitar. Thanks to all of those who encouraged me.
It is amazing but it is already part of my day practicing the chords and try playing songs. I came across with the F chord and I didn't give up.
Now I need to have a real acoustic guitar because the one I'm using, a Brazilian terrible brand "Tonante", must not be used by anyone because it does not tune. Yes. It was given to me by a friend and I just wanted to see if I was going to succeed in the "will" department. I did.
I'm determined to learn and I have a eight years plan: I will be playing what I like in 2020. You will see. Even if I stop blogging, I don't know what is going to happen, in November, 5, 2020, if this blog is still online, I'll post a video playing.
Learning a musical instrument should be part of the official education but the power of music is underestimated by educators and governments.
A person with Alzheimer disease who knows how to play an instrument can forget the name of their family members but will keep playing.
Learning an instrument when one is young helps some cognitive functions that is developed only by practicing and studying and it helps creativity which is necessary in all fields of human life. Even in science. It last forever if studied till a certain level even if the practice is interrupted, and, it feels soooooo goooood!


cookingvarieties said...

hi anaLuiza, best of luck in your guitar lessons, hurt your dainty fingers and when they get tough, it means you are already clever..

i am not good in any musical instrument. come over and do a short rhyming for me ok..have a nice weekend, how's coffee in brazil

Ana said...

Yes, the fingers aches a little because but I don't care. lol
Sometimes I have to stop because the it causes a little shock and it hurts... LOL
Not ready yet to show anything.
I'm learning "Proud Mary" because the chords are easy.
Coffee.. . yummy, yummy....

Master Blogger said...

Just keep on playing guitar, yes it is really painful at first and sometimes you want to give up but I am telling you just do it 1-2 hours a day and you will be amazed by your progress, the main ingredient here is patience and "just do it" attitude, even if you are out of timing just still do it, dont be shy if someone is watching you, dont be afraid of what they say, you can learn it by yourself, I remember my self when I was in High school I am really in a heavy struggle but my hard work pay off, just dont miss any single day, make it a discipline, all you need to do is make your fingers strong and perfect your timing, pieces will fall if you keep on playing.

Zero Dramas

Ana said...

Thank you very much for the encouragement. I'm practicing everyday. Yes, it is hard but I wanted to learn to play an instrument do hard that I think I'll keep going.
I did some progress. Today I played the basic chords with eyes closed and I reached the strings... sometimes I had to look.
But with the eyes closed I noticed that it is easier to "listen" the chords and get really involved with these rhythms I'm doing randomly.
The fingers are getting stronger too and it helps a lot.
At the beginning of this week they were aching and I thought I had a disease... lol that would maybe force me to ... NO! stop practicing? :o)
No. It is better and my fingers are moving quicker.
Nobody is around and I forgot about the neighbors.
I know it is boring listening someone practicing and sometimes I put the volume of the TV very high. hahahhahaha
TV is always welcome by everybody... grrrr....