Monday, November 14

Pompeii' frescoes

Left: Sappho (ca. 612 B.C.E), Fresco from Pompeii National Archeological Museum, Naples.
In 74AD, Mount Vesuvius near Naples erupted and covered Pompeii in lava and ash.
Although the disaster devastated the city, killed people and burried everything when the city was excavated in the 18th century and works of arts and buildings were back in life after centuries under the ashes.
The erotic art has some embarassing scenes and we'll see them later.


Balqis said...

This is what I like about this blog. You always have very interesting posts to share. I read about Pompeii and the disaster that had fallen onh that city. It's amazing that we, who live in this century, are able to see the unique work of arts.

P.S. Now, I have the pop up window for comments at my blog. Thanks for your help. :)

Missy said...

I bet those people people were astonished with that find!


Ana said...

It is amazing!