Wednesday, November 16

Wordless Wednesday on lies and truths


cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, wont comment on that- cos its wordless post ha haha.
great ..
wonder where was the post that you did on the dancing images, that you put a comment and say this could be hypnotic.
i think i have a psycho visited my blog today, thought of putting that image of the dancers in my blog..
would you help me.. the psycho is secret ok, pls dont mention in my comment box.. heres my email
thanks ann..

Ana said...

I think that at the other blog it is at the first page but I'll send you the link anyway.
I want to talk to the psycho too...
need some advice.

Missy said...

I saw one that said:

I would rather f**k the truth than make love to a lie.

I dunno.. that picture made me think of that.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT says it all! I have to say - given the choice, I'd rather hear the good news, tho!