Friday, November 4

Make comments easier in Blogspot

Many bloggers don't use the pop-up option for comments and I'm not sure if it is their choice or it's because they didn't notice that the default "full page" form can be changed.
When I click at comment and I'm linked to the full page comments I feel disappointed for some reasons.
The most important is that the "captcha" verification appears after clicking "Publish comment" and maybe people don't notice it and leave the comment but it is not saved.
Changing to the pop-up window requires four clicks at blogspot:
Click "Settings" & "Comments" & "check the "pop-up window" & "Save" - look at the picture and you'll see it very clear.
I truly believe this is the most friendly way to set the comments since the visitor can see the whole page and click at "Leave comment" again.
Many times I didn't go back to the main page of the blog and it must happen to many visitors.
Give pop-up window a chance.
Update 11/07/2011:
It's only possible to change this way using the old version of Bloggers as Ken Foster noticed. He switched back to the old version to make the change.


exinco said...

easy task but sometimes bloggers not aware of this trick.

Gillette said...

I will change my Comments settings to Pop-up window. I get your point on how it will make it easy for my viewers. Thanks for sharing it!!!

Lette's Haven

Ana said...

I'm glad I helped!

Balqis said...

Ana, I read this post several times to guide me in looking for that pop up window button but couldn't find it. I did click on setting. I agree with you, it's much easier when I comment here, it's in pop up window. I'd like to make it more easier to comment at my blog like what I can do here. Thanks for the help.

Ken Foster said...

Cool. I'll try that for you Ana ;-)

Ana said...

Strange, can't you find the "pop-up window" choice?

YAY!!!!!! :)

Ken Foster said...

I had the same issue as Balqis and had to switch back to the "old" view to make the change. Not sure where that option is in the new view Blogger now offers.

Ana said...

New view? I didn't see that.
Funny because at my other blog I have the same template Balqis have and it is the same.
I'll check to make the post accurate.
Thank you Ken.