Wednesday, December 7

Amur tiger lurking me in Siberia

The Siberian or Amur tiger, the largest of all cats, avoid humans and are rarely seen in the wild. I watched a documentary about them this week and I was amazed by Siberians' life. It is another time, another integration with the environment and nature, other rituals like thanking a tree after colecting some material to make fire because we are all part of the universe.

The Siberian tiger is lurking and observing without ever being seen what could be fearful since they are like a "killing machine" according to a biologist who researches bears and tigers.
But the tigers avoid humans and never approach, we are not in danger.
Maybe they are observing those who are responsible for the destruction of their habitat in the name of urbanization and the killing of some tigers in China to make medicines.

The majority of the world’s Siberian tigers lives in a small area of taiga and boreal forests in the Far East corner of southern Russia. Some also exist in China and North Korea.
It was in Siberia, a place I know nothing but learned their way of living and learned to get used to the white everywhere, that I felt the eyes of the tiger that could be on me without wanting to do me harm, just observing me for an unknown reason that I gave up understanding as time went by.
I also don't feel anymore every fiber of my body... the documentary is over and I'm back to the tropics, again, petting my dog.


Balqis said...

A good imagination and especially when the tiger doesn't harm people. The rituals there is unique. By doing so, may be they feel more responsible towards the environment. I like this post.

Missy said...

That is one beautiful animal! Interesting info as well.