Friday, December 23

Santa Claus will visit few homes in US: NORAD failed

In this video, made by an amateur on December, 22, Santa Claus was rehearsing because he feared the possibility of a terrorist attack and wanted to find a safe way to go to Americans homes.

Santa was caught by an anti-missile system hidden in a Christmas tree.
Unfortunately the North American Aerospace Defense Command "NORAD" will only work on December 24:

“PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The North American Aerospace Defense Command is ready to track Santa, and media are invited to participate in a variety of ways, to include conducting live interviews with senior NORAD officers on Dec. 24.
“NORAD stands the watch protecting the skies of North America 365 days a year, but on Christmas Eve the children of the world look to NORAD, and our trusted partners, to make sure that Santa is able to complete his mission safely,” said General Charles H. Jacoby, Jr., NORAD Commander." read article here.
We received a Skype-call from Santa where he claims that 87% of presents to American children were destroyed and he will not have time to make it all over again.
"How can it be that they only watch over me on December 24? By this time this NORAD organization should know I always rehearse." said Santa in a very indignant intonation.

This is a very sad news but the security of their citizens is the top priority of US government what should be taken into consideration by Santa whose behavior could also put in danger American citizens.

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