Saturday, December 10

Blogspot: What people should know before starting a Blogger's blog

It always amazes me how easy it is to start a blogpost and how Blogger invites every citizen of the world to have a blog without giving any previous information of the problems ahead.

Such demand makes spam-blogs proliferate, they steal content of blogs just to pretend they are bloggers and put the advertisements at the pages, and give false hopes of an easy way to make money through blogs.

Some people only start a blog thinking that it will easily become a source of extra-income and get frustrated not only because it doesn't happen but also because they realize that they have no skills to blog.
Others start because having a Google account grants a blog, but, lose the account means "goodbye blog!".
More blogs, more problems and those who are working for years receive the same help of a beginner that has four posts. The work of four years can be deleted the same way as the work of someone who created a blogspot last Monday.

In both cases no help will be provided when something serious happens what can be checked just by visiting any page of the Blogger's help forum: bloggers are treated with harsh words when in trouble and answers are not given to the vast majority of the requests for help.
I read this post at The Real Blogger Status:

"The discussion about Blogger account and blog access recovery, and authentication requirements, never ends. It is not at all a simple issue. Occasionally, we see the extreme cases, and the frustration."
I had both my blogs shut last April, "unusual activity detected" and it was a terrible experience.
I did recover both, it costed me numerous visits to the help forum and blogs of those who work helping bloggers, but I learned that it is very hard to receive any kind of help from Blogger.

Why they keep asking people to start a blog is a mystery for me and I believe that as the blogosphere is new and it will take time and work to make people understand that blog is a big universe and there are blogs of many kinds maybe more attention should be focused on educating people to respect bloggers, some people still don't see even journalistic bloggers as serious.

Creating a way that facilitates finding good content that are being created by many bloggers is necessary.
It would also be great if those who are blogging for a certain period of time could have their work protected of being easily deleted.
If you are considering starting a blog pay attention to all information you give, make backups weekly and welcome to the bloggerhood.


Anthony said...

Good post--AS a new blogger, thanks for the info...A couple of quick thoughts--First, I would assume that Google doesn't provide high end service for bloggers because the costs of supplying more tech help to users outweighs any benefits Google may accrue in revenue, goodwill, etc. Second, the issues that you mentioned are part of the trade-off to ensuring that the blogosphere remains democratic and easily accessible (ie. few to no start-up costs for bloggers). To use an old cliche, the blogosphere resembles the idealized version of the Old West in some ways--lots of individual freedom but few standards/protections.

Ana said...

Sure! Google is on Fortuna 500 and behaves like any company: profit, profit, a touch of greed...
Yep, democracy is everywhere! lol
How great to leave in such a democratic global village.
Yep... Old West, let's go to the saloon. :)

Missy said...

OMG.. I don't know what I would do if my blog was deleted. I have years and years of things I have written. I have private journals, my public one, and archived ones. Yeah, I think I will do a backup! Can I save it to a CD?

Ana said...

I have answered this.
You have to read the post I wrote about backups.
I'll post it at your blog.