Friday, December 16

Audrey Hepburn's son forbids mom to smoke and medicines harms

This stamp belongs to a series that featured movie stars in 2001 and the others were Marilyn Monroe, Charles Chaplin and Greta Garbo. Hepburn's son Sean Ferrer did not like the cigarette holder and refused to grant the copyright which sent 14 millions of the infamous stamps burn in a German incinerator. Some of them had already been sent from the Finance Ministry for approval and thirty of the stamps were used by an unknown employee that had sent them in letters to Berlin.
The five remain copies of the stamp are being auctioned and Sean said that he expected this money to be used in cancer research or anti-smoking campaigns because her mother died of cancer. This is not a wise way to use this money since there is no need for anti-smoking indoctrination and Sean forgets that it is not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry to heal cancer. I did this comment at Blogorama and decided to copy it because it has to do with these issues: "I smoke, always have (since 15 years-old, and always will. The indoctrination about the harms of tobacco worked and made of those who smoke amoral, immoral or whatever. At the drugstores there are medicines prescribed by physicians, some are payed to prescribe, that kill, this is not a metaphor, causes violent behavior like the antidepressants SSRIs -Prozac-like - that trigger suicide ideation that has nothing to do with depression.and violent behavior that can make you kill someone. These drugs are highly expensive cause pharmaceutical company don't care about health neither does FDA and governments. The air we breath is polluted and the food we eat is GMO and many other unhealthy threats are related to food. Many people are unaware of these harms and some even thou are alerted don't search.
It is easier to turn to someone and say "Please, your cigarette is killing me!" and reason with arguments of the mainstream media. It is not known for sure, not proven, that cholesterol is responsible for what and the level of cholesterol was downsized from 125 to 110 to make it possible to sell to more people.They have to sell the expensive statins. My best friend is taking them and the propaganda is so efficient that I told her and gave her sites claiming that statins don't work and are even harmful but she trust her doctor. The third cause of hospitalization in US is iatrogenesis. Smoking is not good, for sure, but it is not responsible for all they claim. I'll light one right now cause I love smoking and I don't want to take a drug to help quit smoking that can lead me to a mental institution in a manic crisis caused by it. Champix can make people go maniac, depressed or other changes in personality."
In the case of Audrey Hepburn is there any evidence that the cancer was caused because of the cigarette? I have never seen "cancer caused by smoking" as cause of death.
I'll keep on living in this filthy, sinful, criminal and immoral way: I'll keep smoking.

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Missy said...

I have problems with depression and anxiety. I took Chantix and day 3 into the pill, I felt a rage that I knew wasn't real. I called my doctor immediately and was told to stop taking the medication. These things do effect our brains.

As far as smoking, I have done it for 13 years. It is completely destroying my health. I quit for seven months, did fine and then started back again. 3 weeks later, I was sick again. I love my cigs and it sucks that I can't have them!!