Friday, December 9

2011 top news in cartoon

These are two cartoons by Giacomo Cardelli that I did choose to start the series of posts about 2011 top news. The first one was a good news but we have witnessed some events that show how barbarian, brutal, irrational and cruel the system that rules this world is.
The right cartoon... bloodshed in north Africa had Libya as the most documented by independent journalist and it was a demonstration of brutality with the help of the mainstream media making fictitious stories to explain the need of crimes against humanity (here, here and here).
Reports of famine in Somalia, caused by drought - lie, lie, lie - were announced but forgotten. Africa is going backwards but the same is happening in America.
Left: Wow! United Nations! Nothing changed. The assemblies are held, nothing changes and in the end the security council, five permanent member China, France, Russia, UK and US decide what to do and if you do the maths(?) three is the exact number of nations that really decide.
If you follow this blog you might have noticed that I stopped posting about politics as I explained in a prior post and I pretend keep this way for a while because looking closely to what is being done requires a lot of cold blood.
I don't have it and a lot of physical and mental energy is consumed by watching and reading barbaric attitudes. Some people like blood but I can't hardly see mine because I feel like fainting.
The possibility of the WW3 is on the horizon and I never thought I would witness one in this lifetime.
On the contrary, I thought some of the images I saw when I was a teenager would be banished but... no. It didn't happen.


Balqis said...

The cartoons convey clear messages to the world. The first one really caught my attention. Look at those starving children/people. It's really a very sad thing to see.

The second cartoon reveals the truth of how much blood is spilled to get freedom.

cookingvarieties said...

hi Ana...YUKS to the united nations...
congrats to the people of libya, i salute their will and pride

Ana said...

Exactly. I think we need these clear messages. :)

Many people claim the same. I also salute Libyans for the reasons you did.