Tuesday, December 13

Rainbow in Zimbabwe by Calvin Jones

This is a two Rainbows event - look at the darker left side to see one of them - in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe photography by by Calvin Jones.
When all information we have at the mainstream media about Zimbabwe are torture and pain and even if you want to go to the country as a tourist the travel guides spread nothing but fear about your trip it is difficult to remember that there is a country and even people who lives at peace.


cookingvarieties said...

hi Ana, yes, the two rainbows look so beautiful, usually we see the rainbow starts from above, like from the sky going down..
In this image, the rainbow starts from top of the ground- top of the mesmerizing beautiful waterfall, going down to the deep valleys/gorges of the earth. wow, i sure forgot about the victoria falls- sad, being shadowed

Ana said...

The Victoria falls are is so white!

Missy said...

Now that is beautiful!!