Thursday, December 22

Unforgettable gift and Happy Xmas

I'm going very slowly and not doing controversial posts because I'm quieting my mind and trying to produce this effect on the four readers of this blog, thank you mom, dad, my friend Neil and nephew.

What was the present you received that you liked the most or you'll never forget?
Xmas is arriving and let's face it: we say a little prayer and and only think about the presents.
Your unforgettable present is not necessarily one that you received in Xmas.

I’ll never forgetr when someone gave me a Fort Apache by accident. I was a girl but I don't know why I was given this boy toy very famous in the 70ies. You can see here a boy who remembers when he was given it for Xmas.

I loved it. I remember sitting on the floor opening the box and start assembling the fort, putting the soldiers, horses, indigenous and some other pieces at their places. I just don’t have the recollection of fights among the soldiers and indigenous which is the aim of the game.

Merry Christmas!


Balqis said...

Some gifts have sentimental value that will make us remember them forever.

Wishing you and your family a happy and good time during this festive season! :)

Mark p.s.2 said...

Merry Christmas!
A memorable gift I received as a child were miniature tools that worked. A toy drill that drilled , a reciprocal saw that sawed. The toys had a tiny plug that plugged into a power pack of batteries. This encouraged me to work with tools.

Ana said...

Thank you Balqis!

Wow! It must be great! I wanted one of these now. lol