Saturday, December 3

"Only one click away is too far" or "shortest way between two points equals pleasure"

The catchy phrase "only one click away" might not facilitate things as well as the scientific truth that "the shortest way between two points is a straight line" might not help when we are planning our routes.
It came to my mind because all my documents are in a file and I just have to open the window where it is and click at the file to get my pictures, texts and everything.
I didn't do it yet and I don't feel like doing.
One of the reasons is that this road looks so long! Please don't laugh at me because I'm sure you gave up doing a search because you didn't want to open another window to your favorite search engineer... because it was too far.
I believe that we have a kind of distance measurement, a kind of space relation when we are using computers but I still don't know how to express it or if it's only me who feels it
- any input would be highly appreciated.
What I know is that when I'm planning my routes, walking since I don't drive, to go somewhere the shortest distance is only important when I'm in a hurry.
Other factors are more important to consider such as a nice and not crowded street, a place I like that is on the way, nice people I might know and many others that gives me pleasure.
There is a street I don't like to cross next to my house and I discovered that it is because three of the buildings are huge and as I walk I feel it will take years to reach the end. I'm sure if there were regular buildings and commerce I would not avoid this street.
Doe it make any sense to you?
Ok, I will open the file, tomorrow, or, on Monday.