Saturday, December 17

US stimulating illegal drug trade is unreported

The money that US government, and other countries, make with the illegal drug traffic is unknown and the support given to the trade is covered up.
"Here we have the biggest drug story of the day. Imagine the screaming headlines: "U.S. Government The World's Leading Drug Peddler." It would surely sell papers. But the story passed virtually unreported, and with not a hint of the obvious conclusions.
Another aspect of the drug problem, which also received little attention, is the leading role of the US government in stimulating drug trafficking since World War II. This happened in part when the US began its postwar task of undermining the anti-fascist resistance and the labor movement became an important target." Noam Chomsky - What Uncle Sam Really Wants
Do you really believe that they would leave all the money of the traffic in the hands of others? 
I'm writing this post because there are many Brazilians who live in slums that have a terrible life because they work for the drug traffic and they die at a very early age.

US, it is getting harder and harder to be insensitive to all the harms you are doing to people.
Image: These are the poorest Brazilian people and what they have is not crack. It is a drug made of the most deadly and cheap materials. There are more images here . They are black. The vast majority of drug dealers at slums are black.


Balqis said...

Sad to know about this.

Missy said...

I heard that in some of those countries, being in the drug business is the only way some of those people have to survive because jobs just aren't available.