Tuesday, December 13

The cruelest word

Yesterday, for the second time, this word was said to me to identify the tumors my dog has.
Again the time stopped and I got confused as if it was impossible, the lab made a mistake, and many excuses to get rid of this word.
Back in 2008 she had her mammals removed because of the effects of this word: other words like "metastases"... enough.
I'm scared and when I look at her... many thoughts come to my mind and another terrible word is... "when"?
Words are powerful tools.


Mark p.s.2 said...

I'm sorry.

James Wertheimer said...

I had several dog pets in my life and two of them died because of tumours. Pantera, an Irish Setter, had tumours in her mammals. Thank you for sharing. Jimmy Kopelia

Ana said...

I love Irish Setter. I love all of them.
I have to have another immediately.

Missy said...

So sorry this is happening...

Nicolette said...

'When?' A terrible word indeed. I faced it for the first time a few years ago, because my dog was in pain and old, but not completely 'finished' when I said it is 'now', after she fell flat on her face twice in one day.
The vet assured me that in that case it was never too soon (in pain, and old). She said she saw a lot of people who let the animal suffer until it was completely finished, and told me that I should never feel guilty.
Of course I did anyway. I think you do no matter what.
This year I had the same with a 15-yr old cat and I waited longer. And afterwards I clearly saw the lack of quality in her life during the last few months. And I now know which was the better decision. A good vet will never do it if he or she finds it too soon, but you must make the decision, they should or will not make it for you.

Ana said...

Thank you very much Nicolette.
You experience helps me. She is changing. She sleeps the whole day, there are numerous things she used to do and stopped doing.
But she is fine. She is not suffering and is happy when we play with her.
She is not in pain.
I "told" her that I will never let her suffer.
I will not feel guilty.
In 2008 he had her right mammals removed and she didn't suffer. She just stop showing her belly to be pet.
I look at her and I feel she is going... little by little.
But people say she doesn't look her age.
The tumors my fingers feel when I pass my hands in her body are knives in my heart.
But she will never, never suffer.
That's why I'm here for her.
Take care and do the best I can.