Friday, December 4

August Renoir's calmness and children

I saw an exhibition of Renoir in Paris and after seeing each of the paintings I looked around and focused on some pictures as a whole. I realized that his white is made of many colors and also that everything inspire calm joy and the atmosphere surrounding me seemed pretty good. I chose this two pictures for this Friday to inspire you with this calmness and remember the importance of childhood for our adult lives. Hope you had a nice childhood and if not you can cope with the memories. Right: Sewing, 1900 Left: Jean Renoir drawing, 1901


Sandee said...

I've not grown up and I'm 58 years old. I don't intend to grow up any time soon either. They are both beautifully done.

Have a terrific day and weekend Ana. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

You 58?
I saw your picture at your blog I don't remember when.
I don't believe.
But I'm 50 and some people don't believe my age either.
I have the child inside of me.
She loves to jump, dance and... sometimes makes jokes about other - never offensive but...
Sense of humor is one of the qualities I like to have around.

DB said...

I have a favorite Renoir at the Met Museum in NYC. It has all the calmness that you mention. Thank you for these two pictures.


Ana said...

I'm jealous! Can you go there whenever you want to see it?
I am glad you also see this calmness.
thank you for the visit!