Saturday, December 12

Hella Heaven at The Art Inquirer blog

I am happy! "Hi Ana, I don't know if you're brasilian, american or have another nationality :-) I would like to inform you that for the quality, relevancy and regularly updated content of your blog Hellaheaven, it is now part of the links available at The Art Inquirer, which can be found on the right column of my blog. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year of 2011 José" I just received this e-mail and it made me very happy because I like very much what José is doing at his blog. He is always a step ahead and is already wishing us a Prosperous 2011. :-) Thank you José! Your blog is at my list since I started. I have to update it because there are plenty of good blogs I like. I am Brazilian!


Sandee said...

A very nice comment indeed. I like your blog too.

Have a terrific day Ana. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

Thank you Sandee!