Thursday, December 17

Musicians by Caravaggio and Picasso - music and painting

Right: Three Musicians, 1921, Picasso Left: The Musicians, 1595-96, by Caravaggio There is a good test about the theme music in arts at this page. "One can almost hear the music." Here is the list they did of paintings whose theme is music:
A Christmas Carol (Dante Gabriel Rossetti) A Lute Player (Edwin Austin Abbey) A Sea Spell (Dante Gabriel Rossetti) A Tale from Decameron (John William Waterhouse) Allegory of Music (Jean-François de Troy) Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black (Paul Klee) At the Opera (Mary Cassatt) Ball at the Moulin de la Galette (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) Boy Playing a Flute (Judith Leyster) Buffoon Playing a Lute (Frans Hals) Carousing Couple (Judith Leyster) Concert Champêtre (Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater) Contrasting Sounds (Wassily Kandinsky) El Jaleo (John Singer Sargent) Girl Sewing (Mary Cassatt) Golden Hours (Lord Frederic Leighton) Golden Stairs (Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones) Grandpa's Little Ballerina (Norman Rockwell) Juene Fille a la Mandoline (Pablo Ruiz y Picasso) La Boheme (Jamie Wyeth) La Danse à la Ville (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) Ladies Concert at the Philharmonic Hall (Francesco Guardi) Lute Player (Michelangelo Merisi (Caravaggio)) Lydia in a Loge Wearing a Pearl Necklace (Mary Cassatt) Merry Trio (Judith Leyster) Mezzetin (Jean-Antoine Watteau) Music (Henri Matisse) Music - Pink and Blue II (Georgia O'Keeffe) Musician's Table (Juan Gris) Piano Lesson (Romare Bearden) Singer (Everett Shinn) Still Life with Harp and Violin (Georges Braque) The Awakening Conscience (William Holman Hunt) The Cellist (Amadeo Modigliani) The Concert (Johannes Vermeer) The Concert (Judith Leyster) The Dance of the Almeh (Jean Léon Gérôme) The Dancer Camargo (Nicolas Lancret) The Grand Turk Giving a Concert to his Mistress (Charles-André van Loo) The Lament (Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones) The Music Lesson (Gerard ter Borch) The Musicians (Michelangelo Merisi (Caravaggio)) The Old Guitarist (Pablo Ruiz y Picasso) Tribute to Mozart (Raoul Dufy) Venetian Ladies Listening to the Serenade (Frank Cadogan Cowper) Veronica Veronese (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Note that Kandinsky is at the list. I will do a special post about his relation to music.


Sandee said...

They are most beautiful. Most beautiful.

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Ana said...

Have a great day!

nothingprofound said...

What a fine job you did assembling these huge collection of great paintings!

Ana said...

Thank you Nothingprofound.
It's a pleasure!
But notice that the list was not me who did. I did put the link.
It's a great list!