Thursday, December 10

Place Clichy by six Impressionist painters

I was searching for the Renoir below but came across with this blog that has many painters that worked the same theme. I could not help coying it. I will write another post about the Renoir version later. Enjoy this Parisian square. If you go to the blog you will have many other painters that worked at the same theme. This is amazing!
La place Clichy par Norbert Goeneutte 1875
le boulevard de Clichy sous la neige par Paul Signac 1886
Elagantes Place Clichy par Norbert Goeneutte 1875
La place Clichy par Pierre Auguste Renoir 1880
Vue prise de la Place Clichy par Edouard Manet 1878
L'avenue de Clichy par Louis Anquetin 1887


Sandee said...

Amazing and beautiful too. Excellent.

Have a terrific day Ana. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

Yes. I was impressed!
Have a great day!