Monday, December 21

The Death of Socrates by Jacques Louis David

Jacques Louis David, The Death of Socrates, 1787 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
This video is at the Smarthistory which is a great site with amazing resources for art appreciation and education.
This video is about many aspects of the painting and also the life of Socrates. Listening to this 6:46 minutes conversation is pleasant and very informative.
I rather see it than watching half an hour of local news.
I don't know about your city but it seems to be everywhere the reports of the most sad and terrible news and it has been this way for many decades.
I was never exposed to good news and they claim that that is the kind of news people want to listen or that "sell" newspapers.
Why on earth they never tried something different?
I rather watch this kind of video and look at the web for the news I want to know.
I hope you like it and pay a visit to Smarthistory.


Sandee said...

That was very good. We don't have television and all the gloom and doom is one reason why. I too would much rather select what I want to view right here on the web.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)

Ana said...

Even History and Civilization and Geographic and Science Channels are spreading panic.
Nothing good happens or will ever happen to human kind.
It seems they are preparing people for the 3rd WW.
I don't think they will call you this way if something happens because surely Europe will be united so... we can't call it WW.