Sunday, December 13

Kolor Fall Studio - Paintings in third dimension world

Find more photos like this on Hella Heaven Last Wednesday after the English class Basho, the teacher, invited us to go to Kolor Studio. It was a great experience and I took the first five pictures. Today I went there again and met Kolor Fall who is the artist that created and is working at the place for more than a year. He uploads his paintings to Second Life and makes them interactive so you click at the "painting" and something happens: you can sit and you - your avatar - can start dancing on the cube or start moving like a flying carpet, rotates many things can happen. For those who knows or work at Second Life it is nothing new because it is part of the many techniques artists have to create interactive experiences. Kolor Studio is divided in areas and I still did not visit them all. The earing I - my avatar is - am wearing at the two last photos are by Kolor Fall. These are some of the photos I took. Hope you like them. You are curious to know who is Kolor Fall in real life? Next post.


DB said...

Amazing pictures Ana. Very inspiring.


Ana said...

Thank you DB!
You made my day!