Tuesday, December 8

Coke and Botticelli's Venus at the pavement draw with chalk

The coke is another of Julian Beever's work. I have already published two of his works here. The right artist I still do not know the name and found her at The Writing is on the Wall a blog about chalk art and they have some tips for those who want to start this art.
This is Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus' detail.
You can see the picture she is using as a model at the photo.
It's amazing!


Richie said...

A great skill- in George Orwell's (1920s-30s) "Down and out in Paris and London" he describes an old 'pavement artist' (as we call them in England) I believe the old London word for them is "schreever".
It must be an old way for artists to earn or advertise. I last saw it being done in Cork in Ireland a few years ago- I cant think if anywhere that is not cobble stones in Amsterdam so I guess that is why I do not see it here- no I did see some in the park but it was not so good- the two you show are wonderful!

Ana said...

I will search for this Orwell's work.
Thank you very much Richie! I thought it was new but I just remembered Disney's "Mary Poppins" and there is the "schreever".
We also have it here but I never saw anything like Julian Beever do.
I would love to see it. It looks so perfect in the photo that I think about Photoshop but I'm sure it is his work.

Sandee said...

Such talent these folks have. This is amazing especially the coke bottle. Wow.

Have a great day. :)

Ana said...

The coke is quite realistic and Venus too if we take in consideration that she is doing a two dimensional work.