Saturday, December 19

Women reading as theme for painters

This is a preview of a post I am doing about women reading. Put your mouse at each painting an you will see the title and the name of the painter at the status bar. Yes, the biggest is Maria Magdalena reading the bible, a 1500-10 painting by Piero di Cosimo. This is very interesting that he did this work after Dan Brown's discover. :) The animated .gif is just for fun. Have a great and peaceful weekend.


nothingprofound said...

Great subject for a series of painting. Mary Cassatt is a particular favorite of mine.

Sandee said...

They are all beautiful, even the .gif you put in for fun.

You have a great and peaceful weekend too. :)

Ana said...

I have another Mary Cassat at the blog that I love.
I will put a label.
She is a great painter and would be much more recognized if she was not married and could get out of home to paint the outside world.
I love her the same but to some art historians domestic scenes are not that interesting.
Go figure!

Thank you. I will publish this .gif every time I publish this subject.
This is not a blog for the academy.
No. no. no...