Wednesday, December 9

Marilyn Monroe Reading Ulysses by James Joyce

These photographs were taken in 1954 and I think they were great shots by Eve Arnold who maybe was the one who had the idea of putting Ulysses at Marilyn's Hands.
What do you think? She is reading the end of Ulysses where Molly Bloom's dialog is: "Marilyn Monroe's ambition took her to Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio, where Mr. Strasberg's daughter, Susan, would witness some of Monroe's most serious work, including a difficult scene from James Joyce's Ulysses. "She surpassed everyone else who'd done it," Susan Strasberg writes."
In Joyce and Popular Culture, R.B. Kershner quotes a letter dated July, 20, 1993 from Arnold about the day she took the shot:


Sandee said...

If there's a camera they are acting. Just saying. Especially back then when your reputation meant so very much. She was indeed a very beautiful woman.

Have a terrific day Ana. Big hug. :)

Ana said...

I also act for the camera.
I think that BB is far more beautiful. At least she was a natural beauty while Marilyn did many surgeries and the color of her hair is so plastic!
There are many other much more beautiful than her at the 50ies.
I prefer the brunettes, though.