Sunday, December 13

BNE street art and stickers

BNE is a Brazilian street artist that has his logo "BNE" spread in many cities around the world. It's the same way propaganda works. How many times do you see the Coke Logo a day?
Why not promote yourself or a cause?
The "You are Beautiful" project also uses stickers but I don't receive any news from the group.
It is a good project and I hope they keep going.
A lie repeated a thousand times...
Let's spread and repeat the truth!
This is by another artist. oops! I put the same photo twice. I don't know why! :) Do you believe that ABC did not know who BNE is? The mayor? Some people think that this is garbage and makes the city dirty. Visual pollution is everywhere but they look nice because symbols refer to goods people want to buy and are all recognizable. We all have an acquaintance that spend US$ 3.000,00 or much higher in a bag with two or three letters and they are really paying for these letters. I think this is crazy. If the letters do not refer to any of the known brands it can be the must amazing with great craftsmanship but this people will not buy because there is no status attached to, let's say, ABCD. This is strange for me and the most superfluous display of... I don't even know how to end this sentence.

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