Monday, December 28

The vanishing point - the ironic parallels meeting

I believe everybody remembers the perspective lesson and the amazement of searching for the vanishing point where two parallels converge. The photo of the post below made me remember it and I searched for "vanishing point"and found many amazing sites different fields not only about how to draw. I found this photo by Steve Webel and a comment left by an art teacher who asked to use this photo to explain perspective at his class. Nice teacher! I also found an incredible site whose title is "The Vanishing Point", a site of Michael Cook, also a photographer in Canada. He has amazing photos and this is one of the paragraphs he wrote:
"Stepping outside our prearranged traffic patterns and established destinations, we find a city laced with liminality, with borderlands cutting across its heart and reaching into its sky. We find a thousand vanishing points, each unique, each alive, each pregnant with riches and wonders and time."
Even though perspective is no longer the only way painters uses to give the illusion of reality and some movements even do not like it the vanishing point, and what a great expression it is, still amazes many people. Funny because actually we know that parallels never meet each other or, if I remember correctly, they meet in the infinite according to I don't remember who .


Mike Golch said...

interesting posting.

Sandee said...

Like looking out across the ocean and trying to figure where the sky and the water meet. I've always loved doing this.

Have a terrific day. :)

Ana said...

Thank you Mike!

Me too Sandee!


DB said...

It gets very interesting and metaphysical when you start dealing with two and three point perspective. I saw an exhibit of drawings of multiple pespectives in which you never saw the vanishing point because the artist placed a bush or a building in the way. One's eye had to see the invisible point.


Ana said...

This is great! I would like to see it.
It's been a long time I don't think about perspective and I will pay more attention to it now.
I realized that it's still fascinating.
We like being tromped. :)

oximoron said...

Wish the biggest slice of happiness and good luck this New Year, and 2010 filled with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Ana said...

Thank you!!!!

The same for you!!!!!!!!