Thursday, December 10

Humans Right Day - Jurisprudence is the answer

Today is Humans right day and I keep wondering for how long patience will keep on accepting the unacceptable.
It seems to me that the fight for humans right should be something much more active and not only the mere remembrance of the Universal Declaration of Humans Rights and some petitions. The UN headquarters in New York City, US, should try promoting jurisprudence and make some of the rights to be more known like "The Right to Refuse to Kill".
The agenda should approach not only a number of countries that are, well, far away from the western civilization.
This is a photography of Gustav Klimt's Jurisprudence presented in 1903 for the murals of the University of Vienna ceiling but it was not accepted as well as the two others Philosophy, received a golden medal in Paris but was attacked in Klimt's homeland, and Medicine.
Jurisprudence was the third presented not accepted and was destroyed by the Nazis in 1945 when the SS burned to the ground the castle the piece was hidden.

It shows a condemned man surrounded by the furies: Law, Justice and Truth. That is what humans right is all about at least for me.


Cathy said...

HUMAN RIGHTS as shown by artists is always as moving as when spoken about by poets. (I've always been moved by Klimt) The RIGHTS of all human beings to certain home truths - as you say, the right to refuse to kill - that's the right to make our own choices in life. But here's the problem: If we all had the right to pursue our happiness, and the guy next door is happiest when, say, killing people, it just doesn't work. So I'd rather refer to the HUMAN RIGHT TO BE FREE TO LOVE. And if a human can't love, he can learn to by our example. Eventually, it'll catch. HUMAN RIGHTS shouldn't mean the right to be human - because as I say, that also means killing, making war, getting rich off the backs of poor, sick people. Humans are only that - human. So I praise LOVERS RIGHTS more than human rights. Very thoughtful post my dear friend.

Ana said...

I agree with you Cathy.
But the right not to kill is for those who doesn't want to and it's not for all people.
If someone find happiness in killing he/she can do so but it must be well planned or it might end up like John Lennon's murderer.
You are right when you say that Happiness is the goal.
Thank you for the comment.
It was very important to me.