Tuesday, June 14

Award day! Sunshine award

I love the awards! I think that it is a way to tell other bloggers that you like their work, create interrelation between bloggers and it also makes people see that bloggers are powerful and deserve awards.
Blogosphere is still new and I believe that in a near future blogs will have right categories and it will be easier to find at search engineerings what we want. Surely... official awards from the Royal Academy, Amnesty International, Ford Foundation, Nobel Prize... lol and, of course, those who are really doing a good job will receive incentives... dream, dream, dream...
The Sunshine award was given to me by Maznah at Cooking Varieties. She is a very special blog friend that I had the luck to know.
Rules of the award:
1- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2- Tell us something about yourself.
3 -Nominate 10 other bloggers.
4 -And let them know you awarded them!
Thank you very much for remembering to pass me this award Mazhah. I'm very honored. Maznah made me share a recipe at her blog something I never thought I would do.
I'm Ana and... hmmm cough, cough,... well, this is so hard! lol Read my profile. I love reading, listening to music, the sun, sharing ideas the beauty and the ugly of human beings affects me in a deep way.
Now the ten bloggers. This is hard because I wish I could give it to all of those who I admire. There is a lot of great bloggers. It's amazing! But here it goes the ten:
Herrad at Access Denied;
Ken Foster at Ken's Sketch Journal;
Missy at Missyz Stuff;
Mortonlake at Caring and Sharing;
Tony at Tony's Blog;
Thank you all.


Herrad said...

hi ana,
thanks for this award.

Ana said...

You sooooooo deserve it!

Mark p.s.2 said...

Thank you Ana!
p.s. I love your (new?) Avatar/image. Very sexy!

Ana said...

Do you mean at Second Life?
Thank you. It's very easy to be sexy at SL. The difficulty is to look serious. lol
I wish we could meet there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ana!

Thank you so much for the Sunshine Award!

I cannot tell you how much honored and how happy I am for this distinction!

With this gift you spur me into finding better ways to keep my blog being on the good trail!


Moonomo said...

I'm so glad to have your love, Ana- thank you!

Ana said...

I'm glad you liked it.

Yes, you have my love.

Balqis said...

Congrats for being awarded! Sometimes, awards came as surprises but an honor indeed when receiving them. :)

Ana said...

Congrats you too!