Friday, June 10

Luis Moreno-Ocampo International Criminal Court's prosecutor accused of rape?

This is the second time that I find this .pdf file "Complaint against ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo concerning serious misconduct" and I cannot pretend that I didn't see it again
I wish people were informed about what has really happened since his judgement is questionable.
Sometimes it seems that there's no more room for irony in this world. How can it be that a prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is accused of rape? The same man that now wants to be recognized for accusing Muammar Qaddafi of crimes against humanity and demanding his soldiers to rape have morals to do so?
He also set free Thomas Lubanga accused of using children as weapons of war because he withdrew information during the trial.
At the article "Why the world's most powerful world's prosecutor should resign" for The Telegraph Joshua Rozemberg also claims for more explanations.
And now this:
NAIROBI, Kenya Jun 10 - ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo has lost an opportunity to file submissions on the request by 59 victims who have applied to appear before the court to raise their concerns on what they underwent during Kenya's deadliest poll violence. Capital News. by Bernard Momanyu
Is the International Criminal Court joking? 

At this post "ICC - International Criminal Court to request arrest warrant for Qaddafi" May, 16, 2011 it was Ocampo who spoke for the ICC.


Missy said...

That really is a shame...


Ana said...

Yep... he is still there!