Saturday, June 18

Saturday: Awards extravaganza

Take a look at this search to see the blog awards created till now. I believe that one day there will a a blog award, these created by bloggers not the officials, museum since they are part of blogosphere culture.
Wow! That was so unexpected. Maznah at Cooking Varieties gave me these six awards. They are all so colorful and beautiful! I'm very happy and honored receiving them. This is the second time this week Maznah passed me an award. We all know that there are people who loves the awards and people who don't. I want to give these to those who like so I will search for blogs that have awards at their pages for it indicates that they like them. I'll try to do it today. I'm accepting indications, so please, if you want one of the awards or know a friend of yours who likes receiving these images created with the intention of uniting people tell me. I always ask myself who created the award. I have already a list but I want to publish them all together. Rules: 1. Accept the award, post it in your blog with the link of the person who has given you. 2. Pass it on to 15 bloggers to keep the ball rolling. 3. Let the nominated bloggers know about their award by leaving a comment on their recent post. Have a great Saturday!
This is my list:
DB at Vagabond Journeys;
Catatonic Kid at Catatonic Kid;
Clinically Clueless at Clinically Clueless;
Herrad at Access Denied;
Lotosgreen at Japonisme;
Mari at 365 Days;;
Mariane at Anthing goes;
Maryt/theteach at Work of the Poet;
Missy at Missyz Stuff;
Sandy Calrson at Writing in Faith;
Tony at Tony's Blog;
Thank you all for inspiring me! Update: I have to delete one blog at the list because the blogger claims that as she is a journalist, she reports about Ballet, she doesn't want to be in this list and she claims that her "website" is no longer a blog because she got a domain and blogspot directs for her url. She already "received" a blog from Hella Heaven two years ago. I only feel sorry for journalists who don't have what as goal the "accountability" that Tim Sebastian talks about at the post below. So many great journalists doing a great work without receiving money! Some of them even refuses to put advertisements to be totally unbiased. I really thank all the pajamas media for the great work.


Mari said...

Wow! First, congrats to you for getting all those awards!
I'm honored that you thought of me and I will happily accept them. I have quit passing them on though, after I had someone upset and hurt that I didn't pass it on to her. I don't want that to happen again, so I decided to stop that part of it.
I hope you're ok with that, and thanks again!

Ana said...

I understand, sure! I almost forgot a very important person too.
I just wanted to express my admiration for your work.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for these lovely awards, will pass them on right away.

Ana said...

Love you Herrad!
You know you're always in my heart.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
I took three awards and have passed them on which was great fun thanks xxxxx

Ana said...


cookingvarieties said...

hi ana.
congrats again for the all the awards that you have received eversince you started blogging.
to me receiving awards given to me, is just a sign of good gesture, like i wont turn down if a friend who give me something, which to her is a good thing.. i look at awards that way.
just an appreciation.. else i should not blog and make the public read..
i just keep a diary for myself only :).. Again, to each his own. have a nice day

Missy said...

Thank you. I will put them on my blog.


Ana said...

I was writing at your blog while you were here.

untony said...

Thank you, Ana!

You are very kind!