Thursday, June 16

Today is Bloomsday! James Joyce's Ulysses day

"June 16, the day James Joyce met her wife Nora Barnacle, was the day he chosen to be the date of his novel Ulysses that took place in his town Dublin in 1904. Bloomsday is a celebration that started being done in 1954 where fans of the book unite all over the world. The name derives from Leopold Bloom, the protagonist of Ulysses.
Today there will be this event online:
WBAI's 30th annual broadcast of readings from Ulysses by James Joyce, featuring actors in New York, Los Angeles, London and Dublin like Alec Baldwin, Garrison Keillor, John Lithgow, Bob Odenkirk, Wallace Shawn, Jerry Stiller, Kate Valk and Caraid O'Brien as Molly Bloom, who also directs the production. Plus Aaron Beall, Mary-Louise Bowe, Charles Busch, Janet Coleman, Paul Dooley, Roma Downey, David Dozer, Anne Enright, Jim Fletcher, Conn Horgan, Mark Maron, Paul Muldoon, John O’Callaghan, Brian O’Doherty, Jaason Simmons, Mark Singer, T. Ryder Smith, Amy Stiller, and many others.
Click here to listen to the transmission and here to convert time so that you don't miss it. This is a very interesting radio to listen. I like it and listen to it on a regular basis.


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