Wednesday, June 8

Delacroix's "Liberty leading the people": Without liberty there is no freedom

I took these pictures of Delacroix's painting "Liberty leading the people", at this post, at Second Life because it shows a intense light coming from the inside and also to make details more visible. My avatar is at the first and sixth picture as a way to give the dimension of the reproduction. The personification of liberty as a woman of huge proportions with a serene expression but power enough to lead the people is striking. Without liberty there is no freedom.


Herrad said...

Hi Ana
Great pictures thanks for posting.

Ana said...

Thank you Herrad.

Missy said...

Very nice.


Ana said...

Thank you!

cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, thanks for your visit.
these paintings are stunnigly beautiful..
You really surf very well, to dig in what others dont see. thanks for sharing
A penny for your thoughts..Do you think i can paint like that? What about you :) have a nice day

Ana said...

We could but we would have to work 24/7.