Monday, June 13

I don't know how to knit

I came across with this picture of a girl knitting her sweater at Hyena in Petticoats a while ago and today I wanted to share it. I think this is an amazing picture. The way the girl stares at us and the way her body is positioned says "I'm embarrassed. I have to finish it quickly."
The left picture is at Distance Knitting and I loved this colors and different patterns and textures. Even thou grandma tried many times to teach me I don't know how to knit. It's great that other people do!
Still women prefer spending a huge amount of money in any item that has a label with letters or symbols of a glamorous brand than buying something handmade that is exclusive and very well done.
Usually handmade clothes cost nothing compared to the famous brands.


Missy said...

I don't know how to knit either.


Djoe said...

knitted sweater, with love in every knitting.

I really really like this

Ana said...