Monday, June 20

June 20 World Refugee Day

Today is World refugee day.
"Who are you?"
"I'm a refugee."
You no longer belong to humanity.
I just found a great woman Ashley Cecil that did the left watercolor for 2007 World Refugee Day. At her blog Painting with a cause she raises many issues about refugees and her art is engaged to human rights and politics. It makes me feel so happy that there are people doing what they can! We have to do even if a post remembering that today is the World day of Refugees a condition that is unacceptable.

I did a post about Darfur refugees in 2010. Nothing has changed. Refugees is not a permanent condition! How many people are refugees? How many are becoming?
Is The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees really doing a good work?
For how long will we 'celebrate' this day?

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