Sunday, June 12

Country road at sunset by Mari

Mari again! I posted her here and here and as I'm sure I'll publish more of her pictures I'm creating a tag for her. Didn't visit her blog yet? 
Isn't it a lovely road for the dog below?


FrankandMary said...

A little hidden, haunted, forbidden.~Mary

Ana said...

Funny, I don't see like this. I feel as if arriving at the area where the sun is something good will happen.

cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, that must be must be mari wiklbur's photo...she is a real pro.

in about 3 hours time, i will publish the names of bloggers whom i will give an award. You are one of those selected ,congrats,please collect it from my blog ok.

Ana said...

Thank you Maznah!
I just woke up and... wow!!!!!! YAY!

Missy said...

I do like that picture.


Ana said...