Wednesday, June 29

Miami Beach police caught on tape killing Afro-American and threatening eyewitness

After watching this video I keep hearing Narces Benoit, the eyewitness who taped on his cell-phone and put the smart card in his mouth, saying:
"They're gonna kill this man, Oh my God"/ "They're gonna kill this man."/ "Oh My God, He gotta be dead." "He's dead?" ..."He's dead... bro.' "They killed this man...Oh My God!"/... "he is dead."
Miami Beach police celebrating memorial day. The "nigga", that was the most important crime of all in this story: they are all "niggas", and we know that "niggas" are not citizens in the eyes of many people, who was killed with the immunity of the badge was Raymond Herisse. No trial, no "you have the right to remain in silence, the right to an attorney". This man was executed. Narces Benoit narration in his tape predicting and witnessing the murder shows that he is used to this kind of crime and he feels the pain for this murder and all the others that he has heard of. Why would he put the smart card in his mouth if he was confident in the scrupulousness of the policemen? These are the Americans cops? According to many comments at sites where the video is exposed yes, this is the way American cops behave in many states in America, the democratic America. This is an example:
"Police kill people with immunity in the US. It is sad but way too common in this country, Even though there is video evidence to prove those cops were out of their mind by shooting that many bullets into a suspects car nothing will happen to those cops. Look at the guy who executed Oscar Grant in Oakland for no reason other than he is a rabid, bloodthirsty murderer with a badge. He is already out of prison. And that guy is one of the few to actually get convicted even if it wasn't for murder. That's how "innocent until proven guilty" works in the "land of the free" Cops dump hundred of bullets into somebody they even have yet to apprehend and charge with a crime (for our protection, of course) and worry about it later. Police brutality is a serious problem everywhere and it only gets worse. Cops are tasing old people who get attitudes with them, little kids, shooting at minorities they think are suspicious. They are the ones who are out of control and now we are the ones who go to jail when we catch them committing crimes? NWA was right. F@#$ the police!""
We want justice, not executions. It's hard to be fair when the president of the country invades another nation and executes a terrorist. Yes, Osama was a terrorist but this is not how justice is done and being applauded and considered a hero for that is a bad example that induces authorities keep abusing their power. There is a lot to be changed also in about human rights in America.


cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, this world is getting more and more brutal and barbaric..
wonder whats in the diet that makes people behave worst than hungry animals.

Ateliê MK said...

Obrigado pela visita e pelo comentario, volte sempre


Ana said...

Yes. And now we have access to more and more sad stories.

Adorei o teu site.
Foi no blog da Mazhah que eu te achei.
Vou voltar, claro.

Missy said...

Corruption is everywhere and not just aimed at one particular race.


Ana said...

No money involved here.