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Medicine diagnoses paintings: Mona Lisa has high cholesterol a Botticelli Madonna and Michelangelo are also sick

When medicine is corrupted and cares only about money and not the health of people and drugs that kill are on the market it becomes a criminal issue. 
"(NEWSER) – Leonardo da Vinci's model for the Mona Lisa was smiling despite some serious health problems, according to an Italian pathologist applying his knowledge to Renaissance painting. Professor Vito Franco of the University of Palermo says a tumor on her hand and apparent buildups of fatty acids around her eyes show that the Mona Lisa had dangerously high levels of cholesterol, the Telegraph reports.
The subjects for Botticelli's Portrait of a Youth and Parmigianino’s Madonna with Long Neck both appear to have suffered from the genetic disorder Marfan syndrome, according to Franco. The models weren't the only sick ones, Franco says: Michelangelo, as depicted in Raphael's The School of Athens, has swollen knees which "appear to indicate an excess of uric acid." This was probably the result of months spent painting the Sistine Chapel while living on only bread and water, the professor says."
Medicine is not only harming many people by prescribing powerful drugs whose risks overweight the benefits but now it is showing a ridiculous side and how far from science it is. How can it be that a physician diagnoses paintings? This is absurd.  
Diagnosing a person was once difficult but now in five minutes physicians not only diagnose but prescribe and the medicines are always described as having 'mild' side effects and surely will help you and heal you.
Strangely enough the medicines prescribed are always among the most expensive. If you want to have an idea about what is happening with medicine read this review released by the English Parliament in 2005: "The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry".
Some highlights:

2. The drugs are produced by a very large and successful industry. It employs 83,000 people directly and many more indirectly, and makes a huge contribution to the balance of trade each year. Overall, the industry represents the country’s third most profitable economic activity, after tourism and finance. It is of great importance to the UK economy; (emphasis mine) p.25

80. A major part of the work of medical communications agencies involves liaison with the lay media and a significant proportion of their activities may be directed towards building relationships with journalists. p. 27 (emphasis mine)

a) Drug company representatives. Approximately 8,000 drug company representatives operate in the UK and play an important role in information provision and many doctors cite them as one of the main sources of information on the use of new drugs.56 p.27/28 (emphasis mine)

"Increasingly, medication is now prescribed to reduce risk of future illness. Selling medication to treat risk factors rather than diseases is immensely profitable for the pharmaceutical industry: or example, statins (to lower cholesterol levels) are now the biggest selling prescription drugs in the world and are also now available over the counter." 220 p. 75 (emphasis mine)
There are many people trying to raise awareness about how medicine is corrupted and the last concern of this industry, that has the help of regulatory agencies such as FDA and MHRA, politicians, physicians, WHO and medical organizations is people's health. Instead it is making people sick and killing  (Vioxx case as one example). Iatrogenesis, illness caused by treatment, is the third cause of hospitalization in America.
Health became a commodity that doesn't spare children. This is sad. The good news is that we don't need to go the physicians offices anymore. We will send them our pictures!

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hi ana, how's life? hope you are doing fine-
never cross my mind, ever :) you would tell us about mona lisa and serius cholesterol problems..
must watch my eyes for symptoms..once in a while.
we are very lucky, living in the days of modern medicine, specialised doctors and great hospitals to treat the sick.