Sunday, June 26

"She dreamt of Love" by Lavanya Naido: discovering the quilling capabilities

I never heard about quilling:
"Quilling, the coiling and shaping of narrow paper strips to create a design, has been around for years — hundreds, in fact. During the Renaissance, nuns and monks would roll gold-gilded paper remnants trimmed during the bookmaking process, and use them to decorate religious objects as an alternative to costly gold filigree. Quilling later became a pastime of 18th and 19th century young ladies in England, who would decorate tea caddies and pieces of furniture with paper filigree. The practice crossed the Atlantic with colonists, who added quilling to candle sconces and trays as home decorations." by Ann Martin at her blog Craftzine.
"She dreamt of Love" project by the South African Lavanya Naido was presented to me via All Things Paper and I think it show how amazing quilling is. There are numerous amazing quilling works but I decided to share this one because it shows that it is not only a decorating art and it can even tell a story in a kind of 3D technique.


cookingvarieties said...

hi ana, that's a very pretty quilling of the lady... the crafter must have a great artsy talent.
so nice of you to get one. have a nice day

Ana said...

I loved it!
Have a nice day you too!