Friday, June 3

Tiananmen Square massacre 22th anniversary: The Tiananmen Mothers

The night of June, 3, 1989, in Tianamen Square... unthinkable is the word that comes to my mind. How can it be that a group of people united in peace in a square, the only way to address to their governments, is massacred? Call me naive, stupid whatever but it makes no sense. This is all I want to say today. I have published two posts remembering the unknown hero. That was enough for this blog stop being available in China.
The activist group Tiananmen Square mothers was offered money to silence:
"In an interview with a public German broadcaster, Ding Zilin, the 74-year-old spokeswoman of the Mothers, appeared shocked and appalled at the authorities’ offer, saying while the group welcomed the fact that families had been contacted, the authorities "should not approach us in this manner. Our relatives were killed on government orders, so the government should set up official offices for us. We simply can’t bargain with security police who have had us under surveillance for the past 20 years. That is insult and we won’t accept it."* via DW world.
When the site of the Tiananmen Mothers was launched in 2008, the Chinese government blocked it.
Do we have to remember Chinese government what they ordered to be done in Tiananmen Square twenty one years ago? It seems not since they are doing all they can not to stop people from talking about it and claiming for justice. I congratulate and thanks the Tiananmen Mothers for their work.
Click at the picture to visit. You can use the google translator. I did it and I could understand.
Rule number one: "when people are united reclaiming what they think it is right for them DON'T KILL THEM!."
Update: June,5
I changed the title for "22th anniversary" instead of "21th anniversary". Not good in maths.


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