Thursday, May 19

The bust of the Egyptian Nefertiti is still in Germany

I believe that many people know the bust of Nefertiti or heard about her and her husband Akhenaton.
They founded a new era in Egyptian history by adopting the monotheism, adoring the God Ra, Sun, instead of the polytheistic traditional culture.
The bust of Nefertiti was found in Egypt in 1912 by a German archeologist and was sent to Germany at that time.
It is at Berlin at their Egyptian museum.
The right image is not the original. It is a plaster copy of the original found at Amarna, Egypt, in 1912.
To make things a little more spicy there are those who claim that the bust that is at Berlin in not the original, it is fake.
Fake or not fake, it is a very strange doubt that was cast and some people keep feeding it what is odd since in Berlin there are experts that can easily make the tests to concede the original status to the bust.
I truly believe that a lot of what is being said surrounding the bust of Nefertiti is only an excuse not to return it to Egypt where it belongs.
It would be a great gesture from the German government to give Nefertiti back to a country that is showing how their people want democracy and are willing to fight till the end.
State minister for antiquities Mr. Zahi Hawass is fighting relentlessly to have Nefertiti back but the answer is always: "Nefertiti will remain in Berlin." Why? I don't have the official reason.
If the bust was sent to Germany illegally in 1912 or not is not the most important issue anymore. Nefertiti was found in Egypt is part of Egyptian culture and this is above any other argument, evidence or fact. 
Queen Nefertiti is real and with her husband Pharaoh Akhenaton founded the Amarna period that transformed the art, religion, architecture and many aspects of Egyptian culture and her bust, fake or real, is the icon that expresses all these changes. Nefertiti is Egyptian all too Egyptian.
It is sad that for economical reasons, Nefertiti is the most important attraction for people to go to the museum, the German government keeps in their possession a masterpiece that has nothing to do with their culture. 
During the Nazism numerous European works of art was confiscated. Artists like Picasso, Matisse, Dufy, Van Gogh, Munch, Chagall, Cezanne, - I'll post about it - received the label degenerated, there was even an exhibition in Munich, and disappeared.
But only a few was destroyed because Hitler knew what he had in his hands and from time to time a part of the art that was confiscated by the Nazis from 1939 to 1945 is discovered. The Nazis not only conquered the lands but also the art of the countries they were invading.
Well, a lot has to be done to repair errors from the past. It only takes common sense and justice beyond the book minds to solve these mistakes. 


Missy said...

To me it only sounds logical that it rightfully belongs to the Egyptians.


Ana said...

Yes, of course! Maybe we are crazy!