Monday, May 30

Make heads of states see that people exists: the revolution won't be televised

Revolution people have in their minds whenever the word is pronounced. It was one revolution in the history of humankind. Do you remember the Copernican revolution?

Traditional revolution, where there is a party or someone to speak to the revolutionaries with the program ready and hierarchical posts with people to take them, seems to be in some people's mind as the only possible way to revolutionize.
There are many kinds of revolutions and ways of revolution and what is happening now in Europe is not being taken away from Europeans citizens by the mainstream media.
If one wants to know about what is really happening it is necessary to search at twitter, facebook and go to the streets.
Help reach the post-revolutionary period: the time to argue about agendas, how to achieve the goals, explain ideologies that now are just being understood by those who are really committed, in short, making tangible and comprehensible what in a revolution can only be abstract is the best part and most important of revolutions.
Egypt is there they are fighting the post-revolutionary era.
Just remember that in revolutions refrigerators, computers, fans, jobs, happiness, husband or wife won't be falling from the sky. At least it didn't happen till the moment
But Please! Don't give up! Liberty, freedom and respect have to be conquered. The word "change" has to be returned to the people and not be a presidential propaganda motto.
Funny, critics that people are not active, they don't think, they only trust the media, they are in total apathy, don't exercise their citizenship anymore and loads of complains... when something starts... it's  also criticized. Hard, hard to understand and to fight this way. I also have my recipe but it is not time to exchange them. Time to follow what is really happening at the streets, not at the computer.
The crowd is not applauding anymore, the crowd is part of the process. But it's not enough to some people. For a revolution far from indoctrination. We know what we don't want.
The revolution won't be televised.

We are an informative platform in English that aims to support the ongoing pro-democracy protests throughout Europe. We believe in alternative and independent media, net neutrality, real participatory democracy, active citizenship and the common ideals put forth by the first protests in Spain. We understand this revolution is made up of global citizens facing global issues, therefore, one of our goals is to create a net of volunteers and activists from around Europe to fight for our common goal. We are open for collaboration in many ways, feel free to contact us at (emphasis mine)
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If you have a better and more efficacious way to promote justice, democracy and a possible change, please, do it!
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cookingvarieties said...

Hi ana, very sorry, my broadband went slow for a few days due to bad weather, only now picking up again.
To my opinion, only 10% of those who voted “LIKE” in the facebook, are ready and willing to go to the streets…
The rest may be just faces, tucked neatly, in the “:LIKE-LIKE” thingy ..
by the way we shd be fb friends-easier to send private messages. i have my fb badge in my blog-bottom , can link from there. sorry i cant remember my fb add. ha ha

Ana said...

I will search for how much people are at the streets.
Things became in a stage where these young people have no choice: they fight for their rights now or they will have nothing.
I'll try to find you at FC.