Friday, May 6

I'm back, can you believe it?

It seems I'm away for one year and you cannot imagine how not being able to blog in the morning altered my mood and my routine.
I'm so used to think about a post for the day that I didn't realize that it was part of my quotidian.
And, of course, I thought about all the friends. So, I'm back!


cookingvarieties said...

hi Ana,WELCOME BACK !. i am so glad i didnt lose you after all, if only i knew, i would have saved some tears :) i did-cos i felt so sad when you said you wont ever blog again.
May be you need a few days break, then blog all over again...
i did back up, now i have to update it.
really would like to know HOW YOU GOT YOUR BLOG BACK, because to me, your case is a miracle. Take care Ana and happy blogging dear my email

Ana said...

Thank you so much! I also thought about you and I said I would not blog again if I had to start form 0.
I'm glad you did backup because after what happened I'll never stop doing it.
I will publish less than las month or.. I dunno. I don't control when will I blog or not.
I'll send my recipe, yep, I did a recipe.

Balqis said...

Welcome back, Ana! It's a relief to see your blog again. Now, everything is visible. :)

Ana said...

Yes. and I hope it never goes offline again.