Tuesday, May 31

Last day of the month: hangman!

Extreme Hangman

Write the letter on your keyboard in order to guess the hidden word. Watch out, you have limited time.

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The executions are very funny. It's better to... FAIL to see them. Enter the letters pressing the keyboard. Have fun! Bonus: You'll learn ten ways to execute someone! Turn off the sound at the right top of the game.
Update: December, 2012

The game cannot be embed anymore. Go HERE and have fun.


Clueless said...

Darn You!! :-) I'm hooked on Hangaroo!!! LOL...an hour of fun today. Thanks.

Ana said...

Me too. I have a game at my computer... hehe

Mark p.s.2 said...

A very fun game! thanks for the fun.

Ana said...


Missy said...

lol that was funny


Ana said...