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Osama is dead: "Justice was done" Obama said to the world

Celebration at Times Square. Photo Reuters

"Justice was done." So that is the way justice is done according to American Laws: kill the symbol no matter what the consequences are. Osama death is an invitation to more terrorism and American government is quite aware of that for the security level was raised to Bravo force protection.
More terrorism equals more killings from the west, things keep the same which is very convenient to the war machine, commerce of arms and the thirst for blood of both sides
If this is justice what is the meaning of revenge?.  
I wonder if the election atmosphere in America has any influence in yesterday Qaddafi's son being killed and later Osama.
Terrorism is another word that is multifaceted and must be reviewed.
Osama's corpse is in U.S. government custody.
"Let us remember that we can do these things not just because of wealth or power, but because of who we are:  one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." (emphasis mine)
From President Obama statement
How ironic that one letter changes the name Obama to Osama. How is the Iraq war going? We have no news.

to be updated...
1- Osama's body has been buried at the sea. I hope they kept the teeth because I want a DNA test.
2- I will not update till tomorrow because the news are not telling the whole story and I have to check. I've no idea about what has happened to Osama bin Laden.
From the mainstream media: 
- At Bloomberg TV Lara Strakian reported from Dubai that people was relieved and said: "Some people congratulate me just for being American." 
- BBC did an interview with a mother whose son died in 7/11 and FOX showed the photography of those who died. 
I just wonder why some deaths are more important than others. The list of deaths due to terrorism, war, state terrorism or any kind of human rights violation is long and what about Armenia?
 Mr Obama refused to recognize that it was a genocide last month. How many deaths? Nobody told Mr Obama.

Some consequences of Osama's death announcement:
-  the US Dollar went up, the Euro went down.
- ",I Feel Sorrow For Obama And Bush ,,,Poor Now Started Propaganda of Killing Hero Osama Bin Ladin ...If They Kill Him,,Makes No Difference ,,His Each Drop Of Blood Will Give Birth To Many Others ...They Think We Kill Osama So Everything Is Over ..No Way .,Afghanistan Mountains Will Break Ur Legs Invaders ,,,,''Afghanistan Is The Graveyard Of Empires''Alexandar Said "
(comment at Facebook)

I'm watching the news and the whole thing became a circus. "The world became safer." "We have to be prepared for vengeances." and numerous contradictions.
US government said the DNA tests concludeed that it is Osama. At the same time some say that the doubters are creating conspiracy theories with that smile meaning "these lunatics!". What they forget is that many people are tired of being lied and not believing in what is being said at the News leads to speculations and numerous interpretations or even some people trying to take advantage and creating other lies.
What strikes me is that the assassination of Osama by the American government has the same implications of the war on the axis of evil urged by former-president Bush in Jan 29, 2002:
"Many have discovered again that even in tragedy, especially in tragedy, God is near."
 "In a single instant, we realized that this will be a decisive decade in the history of liberty -- that we have been called to a unique role in human events. Rarely has the world faced a choice more clear or consequential." former US president George W. Bush (emphasis mine)
One decade went by and here we are starting another decade with Obama repeating the same appeal, doing the same mistake and those who will pay the highest price are, as always, innocent civilians.
I believe that the consequences people want are not the same of what governments have in mind.

I will close today with this excerpt from this article by Mohsin Hamid at The Guardian. The price Pakistanis are paying:
Osama bin Laden's death: Pakistan will pay the blood price
"Because Pakistan is suffering badly. Crowds are justifiably celebrating Bin Laden's death in downtown Manhattan, where a decade ago al-Qaida terrorists infamously massacred nearly 3,000 people.Less well known is the statistic that since the subsequent US invasion of Afghanistan, terrorists have killed nearly five times that number of people in Pakistan. The annual number of Pakistani fatalities from terrorism has surged from fewer than than 200 in 2003 to almost 1,000 in 2006, to more than 3,000 in 2009. In all, since 2001 more than 30,000 have died here in terror and counterterror violence; slain by bombs, bullets, cannons and drones. America's 9/11 has given way to Pakistan's 24-7-365. The battlefield has been displaced. And in Pakistan it is much more bloody. (emphasis mine)
If Osama Bin Laden's death means that the war in south and central Asia can now begin to end, that America can begin to withdraw its forces from the region, and that Pakistan and Afghanistan can somehow rediscover peace, then one day there may be celebrations here as well. (emphasis mine)
In the meantime American, Pakistani, Afghan, and terrorist commanders will go on conducting their operations, the slaughter will continue, and human beings – all equal, all equal – will keep dying, their deaths mostly invisible to the outside world but at a rate evoking a line of aircraft stretching off into the distance, bearing down upon tower after tower after tower. Bin Laden is dead. But many Pakistanis sense the impending arrival of yet another murderous plane, headed their way." (emphasis mine)
The world became more dangerous Mr. Obama. No, you are wrong when you claim the world is safer and a better place. Some Americans are celebrating today but tomorrow the day will dawn and fear, how governments like this word, and insecurity will be spread at the first news after a video of Osama being killed because I don't believe this cathartic event will not have an emblematic image.
You did a huge mistake to humankind and it's hard to understand how can a head of state could order such an act knowing that the consequences are too hard to endure by Americans, followers of Osama are already claiming vengeance and there is no security measure that can prevent it.
We, citizens of this world, are under 24/7/365 and now the process is over:
I was already looking at you with discontent but now I'm sure you could not stare me back if you could see what my eyes have to tell you.

Update: May,7
I predicted all wrong. Osama's death is being a celebration of how Obama is a great man, did a great good for humankind in short, a propaganda about US's president. 
He appears smiling, waving at the public, giving speeches a real circus.
Osama bin Laden? Who? "Obama killed that evil man. What a hero."
But not all Americans are buying it.


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I agree totally with you that we don’t do things just because of wealth or power. The whole world knows what the world police have been doing..look at vietnam.
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Hello. You make good remarks about the issue and you are right about Armenia.
I am sure you will be interested in my latest article about Osama's death. It is on similar lines with what you write here. It adds some questions on various issues that are suddenly happening simultaneously around us. Osama's death, the wikileaks report about Guantanamo, the war in Libya and the turmoil in the Middle East...
Feel free to check it out. Keep up the good work!

Ana said...

This post is under construction. I'm following the news.
They are creating a lot of noisy and I believe that in the afternoon something will appear, like a video or a photography...
It's just very strange. They don't have much to say and keep repeating that "How can it be that Osama was in Pakistan?" everybody knew that!
and also interviewing people who lost family members in 7/11.
I'll take a look at your post, sure.