Saturday, May 21

Protests in Madrid - What a great news!

I was watching the news and BBC reported that people are at Puerta del Sol 'Sun's gate' square. It's funny the way they report: quickly as if it wasn't important and hurry back to talk about Africa where the problems really are. I want to make a big deal and I'll try to find informations: Thousands of protesters who are camped out in Madrid's central Puerta del Sol square and in dozens more Spanish cities have pledged to defy an order to pack up their tent cities and leave. "We're fed up with politicians governing according to the markets, and not the needs of the citizens," explains Antonio Rodriguez. "They don't represent us - we're asking for change," he says. "We want to demonstrate that society is not asleep, and we will fight for what we deserve. We want a society that prioritizes people over economic interests."
If you want you can follow this twitter @acampadasol, or this @acampadalondres in english.
via BBC and Reuters for the moment
Real Democracy London is a blog that is reporting the Spanish revolution with texts in Spanish and English.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ana. I wrote about this yesterday. It is good news that people protest.

Ana said...

I didn't see.
I'll read it now.
I'm so happy!